Late Arrival

Student teacher in China teaching children Eng...
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A certain student was habitually late for class.

After several weeks, his frustrated teacher finally said, “Your tardiness is hindering your educational experience, the next time you walk into class late I will have to give you a detention.”

The next day he was late once again. He crawled in through the doorway, surprising the teacher.

Looking at him sternly, she said, “Since you’re late, you’re going to have to go to detention.”

“No,” responded the student, “you told me I would get a detention if I walked into class late.”



  1. Orv says

    Reinventing the wheel always useless. It can be a great educational experience — remember, these are high school kids. Coming up with new stuff can come later once they have the basics down. This is the electronics equivalent of practicing times tables or deriving theorums. nothing new but it practices skills.

  2. Brad Greydon says

    Budget first. geek 4/29:1st policy; 5/6:2nd policy” Huh…late policy deadline. I wonder why?”

  3. me myself and i says

    More abuse of the English Language —- administrative detention imprisonment without a trial