Welsh Mat

Historic Win

An American was touring Wales, and upon entering a hotel in one town,┬ánoticed the words, “tam htab” written on the mat.

“Ah!” he said, “I suppose that’s Welsh for Welcome.”

“No, sir,” replied the doorman. “That’s the bath mat upside down.”

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  1. bdftgsregsreg says

    Does it follow therefore that you must be English as well since it is the language that you speak???????

    You seem to have embraced an Irish American identity by calling yourself Irish American but are now trying to that a people without their own language are not a people at all-so then-what are you?

    Are Waloons French? Are Argentines Spanish?

    In any case Irish people do not hate Irish and it is not dying out. Most people can manage a basic conversation, there are thousands of native speakers and a huge interest in the language. There is a dedicated Irish language television station, there are several radio stations and newspapers and a an ever-growing gaelscoileanna movement. These are obviously manifestations of a deep-seated hatred for the language.

    To equate language with culture is ignorant and wrong-the Welsh are more than a language as are the Irish!

  2. hthr says

    not sure I would lump my household germs in the same category as lemony fecal bacteria, but I do appreciate what saying, as always. Keep in mind I have no science education past high school chemistry. Anything learned since then is thanks to Dateline and 20/20 specials. They are the reason I wear slippers in a hotel room and scuffle the bath mat around underfoot when not in the shower.

  3. mark audeker says

    I love the Welsh language >> Ahhh, lovely isn’t it. Its my 1st language but I dont speak it much anymore, only when I go back

  4. doloun says

    I care not about rugby but a casual observation: there are more welsh people on my timeline saying “come on Scotland!” than there are Scots.

  5. willo yasiow says

    I see faces in the leaves on trees and in my bath mat, even my ceiling! Then I get annoyed when people can’t see the face I’m trying to point out!

  6. bloune taine says

    Try putting a non-slip bath mat in your tub before bathing your dog at home. It will calm him.

  7. Annoyed Wife says

    Not sure that Welsh people appreciate it when you ring and say, “Hello, this is England”. Must tell husband to stop trying to be witty.

  8. NaRocRoc says

    Quick etymology lesson:
    The word lovely was originally used by the Flemish speaking Belgians in the form to denote anything that reached a standard whereby it could be considered to be as pleasing as a nice bottle of Leffe. over time this developed into the form we overuse it in today. Yet hardcore linguistic purists still continue to use it selectively in its original form, often leading to them being mistaken for Welsh people.