Grasshopper Ailment

Egiptian grasshopper (Anacridium aegyptium) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Q: Why did the grasshopper go to the doctor?

A: Because it was feeling jumpy.

Medical Malpractice

BARCELONA, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 15: A doctor reacts as medical staff and patients gather at the main entrance of the La Vall d'Hebron Hospital during the first day of Health workers strike on November 15, 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. After months of negotiations between the Catalan Government and healthcare workers over the 1 billion euros cutbacks for 2012, over 16,000 doctors from the region will today and tomorrow go on strike at various hospitals throughout the Spanish region. Spain are preparing to go to the polls for a general election which will be held on November 20, 2011. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

During the course of being interviewed by the press, the noted doctor¬†was asked by a reporter: “Doctor, did you ever make a serious mistake?”

“Yes,” was the reply, “I once cured a millionaire in three visits!”

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From Beyond the Grave

mobile phones (Photo credit: phossil)

The doctor had just been buried. The last words of the service over, his friends and family started toward their cars.

However, they stopped because a strange, eerie sound suddenly was heard from the grave.

As the guests looked around, a colleague of the deceased said, “It’s nothing… just his cell phone.”